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hi, i'm Vireshwara

I'm a free-spirited Designer, Creative Entrepreneur + Digital Goddess from the Bay Area, currently living in Minneapolis.

My favorite thing to do is deep dive into life's mysteries, so naturally I love to work with visonary people + businesses to bring in more evolved consciousness and anchor it in the world.



What I'm up to these days //

Freelance graphic designing, doing web development, advertising, and social media management through my company KALA // visual. Learning astrology from and doing design work for Soulshine Astrology. YouTubing, and having really sweet conversations on my new godcast, Deep Soul Podcast... And traveling.


Here's how I might be able to

work with you

Need some digital or print assets for you biz or personal life? Need a website?  Need to get cosmically boosted? Have a bomb skill to offer the world? Have some info you want to share  through one of my channels?

Shoot me a message.



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The highest art is living life in an extraordinary way