Episode 4: Questioning - Finding A New Path w/ Rama Krishna Das

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Tune in to hear a unique story of how a new friend came from deep religious roots, and later started to discover greater possibilities for himself and spirituality. This talk includes Rama Krishna Das’ thoughts on how fundamental and traditional religion shapes people for bigger spirituality and the setbacks that people need to overcome to be fully open to having a grander experience.

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“In the fall of 2016, I stumbled upon a realization that I believed things simply because I was told to believe them. This realization led me to a deconstruction of my faith. I realized in the middle of this deconstruction that I was in a rather dark period of my life. I became a Christian when I was thirteen, but at the age of nineteen, I began really questioning what that meant. As time progressed, I became anxious and depressed. I steeped in the darkness that I found myself in and eventually started seeking answers. I found my faith reconstruct itself into this new set of ideas and a fresh meaning of what this life means.

This page is for those who have struggled with finding their spirituality. No matter what path you have fallen on, you’re not alone in your attempts to understand. This site is for the questioning, the lost, the confused, and those who are seeking to find a community to support them.” TheSpiritualDilemma.com

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